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Virginia Governor agrees to House Bill 1160 with amendments

(April 11, 2012) Gov. Bob McDonnell has agreed to an amended version of a bill from Del. Robert G. Marshall, R-Prince William, that would prevent any state employee or member of the military of Virginia from participating in the detention of U.S. citizens without trial.

Marshall said he was pleased with the result.

“I hope the folks in Washington understand that they’ve crossed the line,” he said, calling the bill “a definitive statement by the governor and legislature of Virginia that we’re not going to participate in activities that led to the illegal, unjustified and unconstitutional detentions of American citizens of Japanese descent during World War II.”

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Majority of states telling SCOTUS “Congress exceeded its constitutional power”

(March 26, 2012) Twenty six of the fifty states in the union are pushing back against the two year old “Obamacare” legislation. Stating that the United States Federal Government has gone too far, the argument has finally reached the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS will hear arguments concerning the law and the mandate of the Medicaid expansion as well.

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s sweeping healthcare overhaul on Monday went before the U.S. Supreme Court where the nine justices began hearing arguments in a historic test of the law’s validity under the U.S. Constitution.

The sweeping law intended to transform healthcare for millions of people in the United States has generated fierce political debate. Republican presidential hopefuls and members of Congress have vowed to roll back the March 23, 2010, law they say will financially burden states, businesses and individuals.

Now, the healthcare battle has moved from the political arena to the legal world of the highest court.


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Court Weighs US Power over States in Health Case

(March 21, 2012) The Supreme Court will hear arguments next Wednesday concerning Medicaid while it is reviewing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The justices will consider the issues twenty six states have with the Medicaid expansion and “ObamaCare”.

Congress will help pay for your roads, but your state can’t lower its drinking age below 21. There’s federal money for colleges, but they can’t discriminate against women in the classroom or on the athletic field.

Federal cash comes with strings. Now 26 states are telling the Supreme Court that President Barack Obama’s health care law has stretched an old rule too far. The new law’s requirements for expanding Medicaid amount, in their view, to coercion that violates the U.S. Constitution’s division of power between the national government and the states.


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Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations

(March 6th, 2012) The Republican State Leadership Committee website has posted an article yesterday which reports that nine states Attorneys General are working together to remind the federal government that it is abusing its power by implementing laws which work against the liberty of the people and the individual states.  The Attorneys General provide an introduction to the brief which defines the concept of federalism and refutes the argument of an “evolving Constitution”.

Federalism is the division of authority between the federal and state governments that the Founding Fathers created to provide a check on federal power so that the federal government would not become destructive of the very liberty it was instituted to protect.

While some naively argue that the Constitution should “evolve” due to the fact that our Founders could not have foreseen the issues faced by our country today, they forget that the Founders faced tyranny firsthand and understood it well.  This led to the creation of a Constitution that relies on limited government, precisely to protect our citizens from today’s unprecedented overstepping of the “division of authority.”

The AG coalition goes on to state that Washington DC has diregarded the rights of the sovereign states and the power guaranteed them by the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution:

What these nine Attorneys General have collectively confirmed is that this Administration repeatedly shows disdain for states, federal laws it finds inconvenient, the Constitution and the courts.

With the release of this report, and its extensive list of transgressions, two principles are abundantly clear:

  • This group of nine Attorneys General will grow and continue to serve as a de facto “task force,” assisting when possible to defend state laws and identifying “best practices” and legal arguments to fight back against the Obama Administration’s illegalities in a more cohesive and effective manner;
  • The next election is critically important and as the states’ chief legal officers, the attorneys general will make a concerted effort to educate their states’ voters on the impacts that the Obama Administration’s legal violations have on their every day lives.

Regardless of party, when Washington politicians fail to adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law, state attorneys general become the last line of defense against an overreaching federal government.


Read more: Attorneys General Join Forces to Call Into Account Illegal Obama Administration Violations


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ACLU Gets Tough on NDAA at State and Local Levels

(February 23, 2012) The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has turned up the heat on its opposition to the indefinite detention provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. It has joined the ranks of liberty organizations such as the Tenth Amendment Center and Oath Keepers in providing direction and model legislation for introduction at the local and state government level, which brings to light the provisions’ unconstitutionality. The article posted at its website yesterday provides the full details of the initiative.

The ACLU has created a “toolkit” for activists to utilize in the battle to force a repeal of the NDAA 2012 unconstitutional provisions. Quoting from the article:

Both Congress and the president need to clean up the mess they have created. No one should live in fear of this or any future president misusing the NDAA’s detention authority.   The NDAA’s detention provisions must be repealed.

Read More: Indefinite Detention, Endless Worldwide War and the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act

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Tenth Amendment Center Weighs in On Interest Groups Attempts to “Standardize” States

(February 3, 2012) Michael Boldin, Director for the Tenth Amendment Center, presented his thoughts to Fox News on the impact and potential effects of the federal government presenting a one size fits all solution for implementation by our cumulative sovereign states. The proposal being discussed concerns the American Beverage Institute’s attempts to kill the provision requiring  states to mandate ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers supports this legislation.

Michael Boldin, executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, said he disagreed with the “one-size-fits-all solution” behind the provision, particularly given that 42 states have already weighed in on whether to put ignition interlock laws on the books.

“Every time we set that precedent that the federal government can mandate on the states certain rules or regulations, then the next time that something bigger comes up — perhaps a health care mandate — then there’s already the building blocks for this type of power that’s been allowed in the past,” he told

Boldin said members of Congress may want to consider that states could better attack the problem by focusing their efforts on initiatives that have been proven to work.

“One state may do something really badly and another state may do it very well,” he said. “You’re going to learn from people’s mistakes much faster than the federal government slapping a one size fits all solution on it.”



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Colorado County passes due process resolution

(January 26, 2012) Another county takes a stand against NDAA.

The Fremont County Commissioners received a standing ovation from about 20 meeting attendees Tuesday after unanimously approving a resolution condemning and stating opposition to section 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

Board Chairwoman Debbie Bell said the item was brought to the commissioners’ attention a couple of weeks ago by a concerned citizen, and Sheriff Jim Beicker expressed his support during the commissioners’ meeting.

Read more:  County passes due process resolution

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Term ‘states’ rights’ comes with baggage

(Jan. 26, 2012) -  A few weeks ago, singer Kelly Clarkson tweeted an endorsement of Rep. Ron Paul. A few days later, she mentioned in an interview that she appreciates the Republican presidential  hopeful’s stand on “states’ rights.”

Little did she know, invoking those two seemingly harmless words would erupt in a firestorm and lead to allegations of racism.

AP writer Allen G. Breed examines the baggage the term carries.

“Sociologist and author John Shelton Reed, a professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was not surprised that someone of Clarkson’s youth would fail to recognize the baggage that ‘states’ rights’ carries.

“Still, he says, hearing the term employed by people like Paul — and also by Texas Gov. Rick Perry before he quit the race — ‘it’s clear that we’ve turned some kind of page.’”

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President Barack Obama Ordered to Appear in Georgia Court

(January 20, 2012) CBS News Atlanta reports that an Atlanta judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court concerning his proclaimed United States citizenship. The dreaded “Birther”  issue.

Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we know the feeling of being given a supposed derogatory name and being labelled. The difference here is that we are proud to be called Tenthers…

A judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on a complaint that says Obama isn’t a natural-born citizen and can’t be president.It’s one of many such lawsuits that have been filed across the country, so far without success. A Georgia resident made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama’s name off the state’s ballot in the March presidential primary. An Obama campaign aide says any attempt to involve the president personally will fail and such complaints around the country have no merit.

The hearing is set for Thursday before an administrative judge.  Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi on Friday denied a motion by the president’s lawyer to quash a subpoena that requires Obama to show up.

Read more:  Ga. judge orders president to appear at hearing


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El Paso county in Colorado Passes Resolution Nullifying the National Defense Authorization Act

El PASO COUNTY, Colo. – (January 13, 2012)  Introduced by Commissioner Peggy Littleton. Co-authored by Kim Green of Freedom Action Coalition. Stewart Rhodes is working with Ms. Green to improve the resolution for others to use.

Resolution to Preserve Habeas Corpus and Civil Liberties

WHEREAS, pursuant to C.R.S. §§ 30-10-101(1), 30-11-103, and 30-11-107, the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado (“County” or “Board”), has the legislative authority to manage the concerns of the County and to exercise such other and further powers as are conferred by law; and

WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of El Paso County, Colorado, opposes any and all rules, laws, regulations, bill language or executive orders, which amount to an overreach of the federal government and which effectively take away civil liberties;

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